Policing in Barnet

We’re fighting for a better deal

Policing is a top priority for Barnet’s Conservative Group and we are lobbying Mayor Khan to give residents a better deal. Barnet’s taxpayers pay more into the Metropolitan Police’s budget than any other borough — a whopping £28.7 million a year — but get the fewest officers per person in return. As a result there is only 1 police officer stationed in Barnet for every 736 residents. In a borough as vast as Barnet, that leaves us severely under-policed.

Labour’s Mayor has left us with one police station

Mayor Khan has already made matters worse by closing the front desk at Barnet Police Station in December 2017, with plans to close the station altogether in 2018. This means the only operational police station will be in Colindale, in the far west of the borough. Anyone in the east of the borough now has a 10 mile trek to either Colindale or Edmonton police stations — which takes 25 minutes by car or an hour by bus. Police response times will inevitably be affected.

Crime is rising under Labour’s Mayor

Mayor Khan closed Barnet Police Station despite the business directory Approved Index finding that the risk of burglary in Barnet was the highest in London, costing £7.6 million a year. The Met’s own figures show that, in 2016/17, murder rose 67% in Barnet, theft from shops was up 41%, drug trafficking rose 49%, and violence against the person with an offensive weapon was up 42%. Across London crime is up 31% under Mayor Khan.

Labour want to spend more of your money

In their 2018 alternative budget, Labour wanted to raid the Council’s reserves for £518,750 to buy 15 police officers from Mayor Khan — for one year only. The Conservative Group rejected this, not only because it is highly irresponsible to pay for a long-term expense with a short-term raid on savings, but because residents have paid for these officers already — they’re just not being given them. In fact, to get Barnet up to the London average of 1 officer per 529 residents, Mayor Khan would need to give us 205 more officers. We’re not asking for that — only that Barnet receives those 15 officers with the recognition that they have already been paid for.

Labour’s Mayor has run out of excuses

Now Mayor Khan has hiked your Council Tax bills by 5.1% (raising an extra £1.99m from Barnet) with the expressed aim of increasing police numbers, he has no excuse for not giving Barnet residents the police officers they have already paid for. The Conservative Group is pushing for him to do so, but whether he listens will be another story. In 2017 he said he was increasing Council Tax bills to maintain officer numbers at 32,000, but by January 2018 broke his word once again by budgeting for only 30,000 officers.

Under Labour’s watch the Met has become more inefficient

Labour’s Mayor claims the Government is under-funding London’s police force, but since he became Mayor in 2016, the Met has been doing less with every £1 it receives. Under Conservative Mayor Boris Johnson, the Met was rated ‘Good’ for efficiency by HM Inspectorate of Constabulary in 2014, 2015, and 2016. By 2017, however, it was rated ‘Requires Improvement’. It’s the same old story with Labour — their inability to get the most out of every £1 they take from you means taxes just go up and up.