Conservatives respond to Jeremy Corbyn visit

Barnet Conservatives have responded to unfounded attacks on the Council by the leader of the Labour Party this morning.

Speaking at Café Buzz in North Finchley, Jeremy Corbyn erroneously claimed the contracts, which outsource 10 per cent of Council functions to Capita, cost the public money. He also insinuated the Council had not balloted residents on regeneration projects and that his home council of Islington had not raised Council Tax for the poorest residents; both are inaccurate.

Cllr Richard Cornelius, Leader of Barnet Council said: “As ever, Barnet Labour have failed to properly brief a visitor. Otherwise Mr Corbyn would have known that West Hendon residents were balloted and voted for the regeneration of their estate. He would also have known that the contracts we signed with Capita have saved even the poorest residents £111 on their Council Tax bills.

“And he cannot say the poorest are not paying more in Islington. Even factoring in Council Tax Support, Labour raised Council Tax bills for the poorest Islington residents by £3.57 this year. The equivalent increase in Barnet was £4.62. But it would have been much higher under Barnet Labour. We’ve kept Council Tax down for the many, not just the few.”

Were it not for the Capita contracts, the Council would have been compelled to have raised Council Tax bills by 14% by now. This would have added £156 to each Band D bill. This increase would have been £111 for the lowest band, Band A. Yet Labour have consistently opposed the Capita contracts.